Sigma Kappa

Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Remy Hogan


Remy is a Communications major with a minor in Criminology with hopes of becoming a university student life coordinator. When asked what she loves most about the Sigma Kappa organization, she said, "So so so many things! Empowerment, support and the opportunity for personal growth. Most of all, I love that I can always count on love and laughter." Remy has made many memories since becoming a Sigma Kappa sister, but one her favorites happened recently when our chapter played a giant game of bunco at our recruitment retreat. She said, "I will always look back fondly and remember the smiles, the laughter, and the intense competition." Outside of chapter, Remy prides herself as: a dog mom, mozzarella stick connoisseur, Game of Thrones super fan, avid taker of BuzzFeed quizzes and coffee addict!

Jesslyn Ponce

Vice President of Standards and Values

Jess is a kinesiology major with aspirations to become a Pediatric Occupational Therapist. Since joining the Theta Beta chapter, Jess has found her home and best friends in Sigma Kappa. She said, "What I love the most is the constant commitment to empowering women in and out of college in all aspects of life." Her fondest memory is finding out that she would get to lead our chapter alongside her best friend and recognizing how far they have come from the two freshman girls who met at their first sisterhood retreat and connected over Alzheimer’s. One of Jess' biggest passions is drawing and painting, but wishes she had more time to do so.

Brianna Salcido

Vice President of Programming

Bri is a sociology major and plans to attend graduate school to one day become a sociology professor. Some things that Bri loves most about Sigma Kappa are the leadership positions that pushed her to grow as an individual, as well as the friendships she has made that provide her with constant love and support. Bri said, "Traveling around Europe with seven of my sisters will forever be one of the best experiences and one of my favorite memories." Some fun facts about Bri are that she is a vegetarian, loves yoga and attending concerts! Her favorite concert was when she got to see

Erin Aschoff

Vice President of New Member Education

Erin is a kinesiology major working towards becoming a high school science teacher. She loves that Sigma Kappa has given her the lifelong friendships she has found with her sisters. Erin said, "Without Sigma Kappa I would have never met these women and experience some of my most memorable moments of college with them! I love constantly being surrounded by 45 strong, talented and empowering women." Erin finds it so hard to pick just one favorite memory from chapter but says adding two littles to her family line is more than she could have ever asked for, and they have a great time whenever they are together! Erin is: an active crafter, fur mom to three, pasta & bread enthusiast, possible coffee addict and enjoys long romantic walks down the aisles of Hobby Lobby and Target!

Cynthia Vasquez

Vice President of Membership

Cynthia is a business administration major and would love to open her own clothing boutique. She loves that Sigma Kappa has brought her lifelong friendships and the confidence to cease opportunities for leadership roles. Cynthia said, "My favorite memory since joining Sigma Kappa would be getting to study abroad to Italy and Spain with my sisters." When Cynthia is not in the classroom or hanging with sisters, you can find her at the Los Angeles Angels Stadium as a a member of the Angels Strike Force Squad!

Jasmine Jancan

Vice President of Alumni Relations

Jasmine is a criminology major and psychology minor with hopes of working in the field of sociology. Jasmine said that what she loves most about Sigma Kappa is, "The personal growth I have experienced due to the support and opportunities that have pushed me to go outside my comfort zone, be more outgoing and confident!" Her favorite memory is getting her big and a mentor who has taught her so much, became her best friend, and all of the time they have spent together. Something that many people would not know about Jasmine is that she knows how to play the ukulele!

Madalyn Carrasco

Vice President of Academic Excellence

Maddy is a kinesiology major with a concentration in health and human performance. After graduation, she plans on working as a strength and conditioning coach and attending graduate school in pursuit of becoming a physical therapist. Maddy loves Sigma Kappa's values most because they motivate her to be the best version of herself: sisterhood, personal growth, loyalty and service. She said, "My favorite Sigma Kappa memory is bid night when I got to run home to all of my sisters!" Maddy loves exercising and is also a huge fan of The Office! #bestshowever

Teagan Griffiths

Vice President of Philanthropic Service

Teagan is a communications major with an emphasis in multimedia. She plans to pursue a masters degree in communications focusing in travel and entertainment. Teagan said that her favorite thing about our sisterhood are, "The many different opportunities Sigma Kappa gives its members to grow as women, from workshops and philanthropic events to leadership opportunities and scholarships." She loves that through Sigma Kappa, she has gained lifelong friends whom she would not have met with our organization. Teagan is not just an active member of Sigma Kappa but also a member of the ULV volleyball team! She loves traveling the world and her favorite trip has been to

Hannah Flores

Vice President of Communication and Operations

Hannah is a political science major with aspirations to attend Loyola Marymount University Law School to further her education to become a lawyer and hopefully open her own practice. Hannah loves most that the Sigma Kappa organization allows her to not only gain true friendships with many girls in chapter but do so while serving our philanthropies. She said, "It allows all of us to enjoy our time together while also giving back." Since joining, her favorite memory would be developing a strong friendship with her pledge sisters and growing closer to her big. Hannah is highly family-oriented and has two wiener dogs, Liam and Mia. She has an obsession with the color pink and enjoys watching reality TV shows! Her favorite is Vanderpump Rules because she enjoys watching their lives grow as they travel, live in West Hollywood and stay close friends through it all.

Adriana Barron

Vice President of Finance

Adriana is a sociology major in order to pursue becoming a social worker. Since joining Sigma Kappa, what she has found she loves most is the strong bond of our sisterhood and the philanthropies we have the honor of serving together as a chapter; Sigma Kappa Foundation, Inherit the Earth, Gerontology, Maine Sea Coast Mission and Alzheimer's research. Her fondest memory of our sisterhood was when we gathered for our spring recruitment retreat. We played a big game of Bunco and Adriana came out on top and won a prize as the "biggest loser" out of the 24 rounds we played! When Adriana is not studying for her sociology classes, you can find her keeping up with the latest trends. She loves shopping!

Brooke Mueller

Panhellenic Delegate

Brooke is a social sciences major to pursue a career in Cultural Resource Management. Brooke said, "I love that Sigma Kappa is national and through their leadership opportunities I have been able to meet sisters from so many different chapters. Despite the different campus cultures, we all share the same values and work towards the same goals!" Her favorite memory was from this past year at our Alzheimer's walk where she joined her sisters for a great cause and also bring her family. "It was then that they realized why I love Sigma Kappa so much and why Alzheimer’s Research is so important to me," she said. Part of Brooke's major is history so she loves to look at her ancestry for fun. Something interesting she discovered was that she is related to William Penn and had ancestors that lived in Salem during the witch trials!