Sigma Kappa

Parent FAQ

Parent FAQ

Why Join Sigma Kappa?
Sigma Kappa at the University of La Verne is a unique, united community where your daughters can make friendships, connections, and opportunities that will last a lifetime. Sigma Kappa lives out our four values in each and every step of their organization and we, as the Theta Beta chapter, dedicate ourselves to living these values in each and every day of our lives. Personal growth encourages us women to reach our goals and to do so by stepping out of our comfort zones. Service allows for us collegiate women to selflessly give back our time to raise awareness for all of our philanthropies. Friendship lets each woman develop strong lifelong friendships that will always support one another. Lastly, loyalty, promotes members to continuously stay connected with and be there for all family and friends. It is these four values of Sigma Kappa that guide a unique strong woman to live a successful, happy, healthy life.

Will joining Sigma Kappa take away from my daughter's college education?
Of course not! Here at the Theta Beta chapter, we make school our first priority, our collegiate women will always be students before they are sorority women. We pride ourselves on holding the highest chapter average GPA amongst all the sororities! It is through our Sigma Study Buddy System that our Vice President of Academic Excellence created for us this semester, that allows for each sister to not only be held accountable for her academics, but to work while having the support of her sisters. At the University of La Verne the collegiate women are dedicated to their education so that they may further their career as the future is near.

What are some opportunities during college that Sigma Kappa provides?

While attending college, the Theta Beta chapter provides many opportunities for collegiate women! Sigma Kappa offers a wide range of opportunities for collegiate woman, as it ranges from job opportunities, to helping in the Panhellenic Community, to giving these women the courage to stepping out of their comfort zone. More specifically, it is through the alumnae of Sigma Kappa that opens the door to many job opportunities. The Theta Beta chapter also provides opportunities such as the annual Alzheimer’s Research annual walk, making blankets for the homeless, hosting fundraisers to raise money for the Maine Seacoast Mission, and many more that allow for the women to make a mark in the Panhellenic Community.

How can my daughter benefit from Sigma Kappa after she graduates?

Many wonder: what is life going to be like after graduation? With Sigma Kappa, it can provide for lifelong opportunities for growth, fun, support, and development. Upon graduation, one can benefit from lots of networking opportunities and connections with alumnae or other collegiate members, lifelong friendships and relationships with sisters, or continuing with events that give back to the community and to sisters. The process of becoming an alumna is quite an exciting time and being an alumna opens the doors to the alumnae community that goes beyond the Theta Beta chapter and lets each member continue to be a part of Sigma Kappa for life.